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Pets for Re-homing

Private adoptions (re-homing) are between the current pet owner and the interested party. PAWS has no other involvement except to provide a courtesy posting for these pets and help connect them with a new family. Calls PAWS at 250-428-7297 for the contact information of the person re‑homing the pet. PAWS does not post pets that are for sale for re-homing.

FemaleDOB: 6/6/2018. Sally is a large-size 5-1/2 year old German Shepherd mixed with Alaskan Malamute and Lab. This sweet, loyal, and intelligent girl weighs about 120 pounds. She loves her humans - truly your best friend! Likes walks, playing ball, sticks, and rocks. Sally is good with children and other dogs but would do best alone because she is so loyal she gets attached to one person. Cats not so much and will chase bicycles. Sally is spade, had her rabies and up to date on vaccinations.

Male Oli is being rehomed at no cost. He is in Vancouver, but the current family is willing to helping him and his new family with the transition. This handsome 85 pd. boy is a 3.5-year-old Maremma, Poodle, & Wheaten Terrier mix. He's finding city life much too stressful and it's created some reactivity issues. This cuddle monster/couch potato loves people and belly rubs. A rainy day? Oli will be happy to join you on the couch. He does love outside adventures and hikes, too. He's taken courses in Leadership, Fearful dogs, and Dog Parkour and has even worked on some tv shows! He hasn't been exposed to livestock, but given his personality, his family feels he would do fine. The current family feels that the healthiest and happiest place for Oli will be somewhere quiet, without too much stimuli (strangers/barking strange dogs). A rural area would be great and a calm, friendly dog companion would also work. He's been to doggy daycares, dog parks, off leash walking area, and does fine with dogs he's introduced to. Given the nature of small kids, he likely wouldn't do well with them. Teens could create an issue if they bring home friends that he hasn't been introduced to yet. There is so much to add about Oli, If you'd like to learn more about how he could be the perfect dog for you, please email Nick at HelpOliHome@gmail.com.

Male Journey is a 7-year-old neutered Shepherd/Rottie X. He loves to play fetch. The only reason he needs to be re-homed is because he tends to growl at strangers, which is an issue for the type of business his family is opening. Other than that, there are no behavioural issues. If you'd like to know more about Journey, please call 250-402-3837.

MaleDOB: 9/16/2016. Lucas is a 7-year-old Karelian bear dog. He was vaccinated and neutered in June 2023. Lucas has been an indoor dog all of his life with jaunts on the property he lives on, as well as car rides to wide open areas to really get exercise. He is a good watch dog, likes to please, is joyful, playful, and can use more training on manners. He is not great with cats, has learned to play well with other dogs, especially since the neutering. He would probably do well as the only dog. He has an ongoing issue with topical candida so his diet is limited and he requires either prednisone intermittently or a shot for instant relieve. At last vet visit he weighed 29 kg.