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Pets for Re-homing

Private adoptions (re-homing) are between the current pet owner and the interested party. PAWS has no other involvement except to provide a courtesy posting for these pets and help connect them with a new family. Calls PAWS at 250-428-7297 for the contact information of the person re‑homing the pet. PAWS does not post pets that are for sale for re-homing.

Male He is a COVID puppy that was purchased from a breeder in Ontario, that being said he has not been exposed to very many people, children or other dogs in his first 3 years. Unfortunately Jake was also exposed to a family crisis in his first year and a half, that most likely affected him from what many might consider a normal puppy upbringing. During that time Jake became very attached/protective to his one owner and at times (not often), would become aggressive with visiting people in the home. Jake has lived his life along side the family female Beagle and does not show aggression out of the ordinary towards the elderly dog. He moved to Creston 90 days ago with his owner and at times (not many) still can be aggressive with people in the home other than his owner. He has never bitten anyone but can become aggressive to the point of standing his ground. Jake is quite hyper especially when it is time to feed and has a big appetite but like any other dog loves to snooze shortly after eating. For the most part he is a very loving dog that loves affection and cuddling. He loves his toys and does not chew on anything other than stealing your slippers because he wants to play. Jake walks quite well and does not pull hard on his leash. Jake is very healthy and strong. He is a beautiful dog. If anyone enters the property Jake is always on alert and let’s us know. What we feel Jake might benefit from with a new owner: No children right away, perhaps overtime. Other pets in the house he might be okay with, as long as introduced properly. Avoid feedings in the same space. He has not shown any aggression toward cats. Somebody with time to dedicate to Jake and space to let him develop independency. Somebody that has experience to train him and get him to expend energy. A ranch or farm would be probably the best fit for him.

MaleDOB: 11/1/2020. Guinness is a 2-year-old Lab Shepherd X. He's a high energy boy who loves hiking, biking, running behind the truck, or just eating peanut butter or the odd ice cream cone. A home with no cats or young children would be better for him. Teenagers or older would be great. He's on medicine to help his reactivity with bigger dogs, but the vet seems to think that in right environment, he won't need it. He's fine with smaller dogs and is great at day care.