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Pets for Re-homing

Private adoptions (re-homing) are between the current pet owner and the interested party. PAWS has no other involvement except to provide a courtesy posting for these pets and help connect them with a new family. Calls PAWS at 250-428-7297 for the contact information of the person re‑homing the pet. PAWS does not post pets that are for sale for re-homing.

FemaleDOB: 12/25/2020. The owner writes: Airlie is a female purebred Karelian Bear Dog. She's incredibly loyal, brave, smart, quirky, and adventurous.

She needs more time and space than I can offer her unfortunately. She loves to run and explore. She's great with kids and will protect her family from anything. This high energy pup would do best with an active family that has time to train her and keep her mind stimulated or she will find ways to stimulate herself! This healthy girl is spayed, and her vaccinations are up to date.

Giving her up is incredibly sad but I want her to have a fuller life and unfortunately finding rentals with dogs is near impossible.

To contact me about Airlie please call or text me at 250-254-9790.

MaleDOB: 7/1/2021. Rosco is an almost 3-year-old Italian/Neapolitan Mastiff. He's black with a small white patch on his chest and toes.

The only reason Rosco is being rehomed is because Mom has her hands full and can't give him the attention he deserves.

He's good with kids and cats. He's never shown any aggression. He rarely barks, loves to go on hikes/walks off leash, and has good recall. He’s not a big fan of being left alone for too long. He's house trained, snuggly, and sleeps a lot during the day. His vaccines are up-to-date, and he’s fixed.

If you’d like to know more about this great boy, email lindsey-marie@hotmail.com.

MaleDOB: 4/26/2023. I adopted this guy 3 days ago.

He is an 11-month-old Rottie, Husky, Pyrenees X. I have two other dogs, and unfortunately, it’s not going to work with Chunk.

He spent most of his life in an outdoor pen with another dog. He can get overstimulated easy, then becomes anxious. If there’s a knock at the door he will bark and run around. He’s very skittish with new people at first.

Comes to a whistle and seems to stick around well. Yesterday was Day 3 at my place and he already was settling in better. Kennel training last 2 days made a huge difference. Met two new humans yesterday. One in the house with a covered kennel. He was nervous at first but after an hour he came up to my buddy and let him pet and feed him. He's really good with my other dog. He is fixed and has shots.

Hoping to find someone who can give him time to decompress and settle into his new environment and also spend time with one-to-one training. A farm or someone whose usually at home with a fenced yard or big property would be ideal.

Overall, he’s a good dog and great with my other dog. With consistent training and kennelling he will be a great guard dog and buddy.

I live in Crawford Bay. Meeting at a neutral location here is ideal and where we can take time to let Chunk get comfortable so he can show you what a great dog he is with time and the right approach.

To learn more about Chunk please email mason_cole@hotmail.com.

MaleDOB: 2/8/2024. Hero is a male, dark grey Brindle now 8-week-old puppy. His paws and the tip of his tail are white. Mom is a Lab/Pyrenees X and dad is unknown. Hero will be available to go when he's 10 weeks old. He is not at the shelter. Please call 1-250-977-1372

Male Harlen is a male, light grey bindle now 8-week-old puppy. Mom is a Lab/Pyrenees X and dad is unknown. Harlen will be available to go when he's 10 weeks old. He is not at the shelter. Please call 1-250-977-1372

MaleDOB: 2/8/2024. Haluk is a male, dark brown Bindle 6-week-old puppy. Mom is a Lab/Pyrenees X and dad is unknown. Haluk will be available for to go when he's 10 weeks old. We are not at the shelter. Please call 1-250-977-1372

MaleDOB: 1/5/2019. Fletcher, a Red Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog was born May 2019. He's a neutered male who loves walks and hikes. An affectionate boy, his favourite game is ball, but he also loves water, be it the river or just a garden hose. His recall is good, he's had lots of training, and is eager to learn.
Some of his challenges are he's not good with children, other dogs, and is a resource guarder. He also has a high prey drive. He will need a very active dog savvy home where he's the only dog.

If you're interested in Fletcher, please email hartleyx@gmail.com.

Male Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m an 8½-year-old Malamute/Husky & Border Collie mix. I ‘m neutered and up to date on my vaccines.

I weigh about 80 pounds. I'm very lovable and friendly and love all humans and animals. I used to live with a cat, and we got along quite well. The cat wasn’t introduced to me until I was about 6 years old but was introduced slowly so we could get used to each other before spending time together. After all, she was a cat!

I have a good understanding of basic commands like sit, stay, lie down, give me a paw, come, back up, etc.

I’m strong and sometimes don’t know my own strength so I probably should be supervised when around small children just so I don’t knock them over. Right now, I live in a house with a big backyard where I can run and play with my favourite toy, an empty water bottle, like the ones that go on a water cooler.

My mom has physical limitations and can’t take me hiking or even on walks because I’m too strong for her. My neighbour has walked me quite often both on leash and hiking where I’m off leash. I do very well in both situations. I have very good recall if I wander off.

I have always lived in a regular home but would do well on a farm or acreage and have an owner who can handle larger dogs. I’m not kennel-trained. I sleep on the floor in mom’s bedroom.

Please contact my mom if you’d like to learn more about me - ceaacurr4@gmail.com.

MaleDOB: 10/21/2021. Freddy, an almost 3-year-old Landseer Newfoundland/Maremma mix needs a place with lots of space to run, a fence, and maybe some farm animals to protect. Most importantly, he needs to be the only dog. He also does not seem to like male dogs.
This big boy (130ish pounds) has always been an indoor/outdoor dog.
He’s great with our chickens and kids. He’s a great couch cuddler and yard protector.
If you'd like to know more about adding Freddy to your family, email smbroman@hotmail.ca.

Male Max is a neutered 2-year-old tabby who needs new a home because of a move. His vaccinations are up to date. He is being treated for anxiety and the owner doesn't want to traumatize him with the long drive. He's a good with people and other animals. To learn more about him, please call 250-428-6390.

Male Oli is being rehomed at no cost. He is in Vancouver, but the current family is willing to helping him and his new family with the transition.

This handsome 85 pd. boy is a 3.5-year-old Maremma, Poodle, & Wheaten Terrier mix.

He's finding city life much too stressful and it's created some reactivity issues. This cuddle monster/couch potato loves people and belly rubs. A rainy day? Oli will be happy to join you on the couch. He does love outside adventures and hikes, too.

He's taken courses in Leadership, Fearful dogs, and Dog Parkour and has even worked on some tv shows! He hasn't been exposed to livestock, but given his personality, his family feels he would do fine.

The current family feels that the healthiest and happiest place for Oli will be somewhere quiet, without too much stimuli (strangers/barking strange dogs). A rural area would be great and a calm, friendly dog companion would also work. He's been to doggy daycares, dog parks, off leash walking area, and does fine with dogs he's introduced to.

Given the nature of small kids, he likely wouldn't do well with them. Teens could create an issue if they bring home friends that he hasn't been introduced to yet.

There is so much to add about Oli, If you'd like to learn more about how he could be the perfect dog for you, please email Nick at HelpOliHome@gmail.com.