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Male DOB: 2/8/2024.
Harvey's a handsome, outgoing, active pup! This friendly blonde boy is a Lab/Pyrenees (Mom) X (Dad unknown). Harvey loves to play and especially loves playing tug-of-war with his brothers. This boy, already a big pup, loves everyone he meets and is having tons of fun exploring everything in his fields.

Give PAWS a call to meet this pup.

Male DOB: 2/8/2024.
Hero's a very handsome Lab/Pyrenees (Mom) X (Dad unknown) pup. He has a lovely dark grey bridle coat with gorgeous markings. We love his white tipped paws & tail! Hero loves to play and to wrestle with his brothers. This active, social pup loves any opportunity to play. He's already a big pup who loves a lap for a good cuddle.

Give PAWS a call to meet this sweet boy.

Male DOB: 2/8/2024.
Our Harlen is a handsome Lab/Pyrenees (Mom) X (Dad unknown). His light-grey brindled coat has gorgeous markings. Harlen enjoys a good play/wrestle session with his brothers and doesn't turn down any opportunity to play! Tug-of-war ropes are a favourite.

This nice, big pup is social, friendly, and loves people. Gives PAWS a call to meet him.

Male DOB: 2/8/2024.
Haluk is a sweet, shy Lab/Pyrenees (Mom) X (Dad unknown). This handsome fellow has a lovely dark brindle coat with great markings. Even though he's the shy pup in his family, he loves to play, to play tug-of-war with his brothers, and run around exploring. Haluk loves to cuddle, and this big pup is just as happy to sit on a warm lap and watch his brothers wrestle.

Give PAWS a call to meet this sweet boy!

Male DOB: 12/5/2022. I have Special Requirements.
Billy is a 17-month-old brown and white Border Collie X. He's an affectionate goofball and a big-time cuddle bug. As his breed indicates, he's an active, intelligent boy who needs physical and mental activity.

Billy is shy with strangers and new situations. He has strong basic command skills and has had some extra training. He's been around livestock. He should be an only dog.

Billy MUST have a secure and fully fenced yard or designated area. Due to a high prey drive, Billy MUST wear a muzzle while out in public or around small animals. Fortunately, wearing a muzzle is a non-issue for him.

Female DOB: 1/1/2018. I have Special Requirements.
Genie is a pretty Shepherd X girl who didn't grow up around people. Because of this, she's never quite gotten over her uneasiness around them.

We’re looking for someone who’s had experience with rescue dogs. When she trusts you, she’ll be happy to hang with you and even likes to be petted. She’s comfortable with dogs.

She needs a structured environment, as a change in her routine can be stressful. She can be escape artist, so a secure, fenced yard is a must. A dog door to a fenced area would be perfect, as a leash is a no-go.

If you think you’re the one that can guide Genie to become the dog that we all know she can be, please give us a call. We’ll also consider a long-term foster if you’re willing to work with her.

The PAWS dog volunteers have done an amazing job helping Genie see that people aren’t as scary as her life experience has taught her. However, this quiet girl deserves to know what life’s like in a home with someone that’s there for her. She’s worth your effort!! Give PAWS a call to meet her.


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