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MaleDOB: 5/21/2021. Hawkeye is a cute and playful tabby boy who is excited to come to PAWS to live! He loves his foster mom but is ready to find his fur-ever home!!

MaleDOB: 5/21/2021. Herbie is a very friendly black kitten. Who doesn't love a great black kitten? This nice boy has enjoyed his time with his foster mom and is really happy to live at PAWS and find his fur-ever home!

MaleDOB: 5/21/2021. M is a nice boy with great markings! He has had a great time with his foster mom and is looking forward to finding his fur-ever home.

FemaleDOB: 5/21/2021. Fire is a happy, playful tabby girl. She had a great time with her foster mom but is happy to get to PAWS to find her fur-ever home!

Female Khaleesi is one of the sweetest kittens ever! She is a bit shy and really loves her older kitten friends!! This gentle girl came to PAWS with her mom and brother and is settling in very well.

Male Kenzo is a really sweet boy who came to PAWS with his mom and sister. This nice boy is quickly getting used to his new surroundings and is enjoying playing with the other kittens. He is both curious and playful; Kenzo will be a great addition to any home!

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Delany is pretty tabby kitten with a grey and white coat plus some very cute white boots! This nice kitten is working hard on getting socialized so she can be adopted to a great family! Delaney has two siblings at PAWS - Dmitri and Darcy

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Dmitri is a nice looking long-haired tabby kitten. This kitten has a dark coat with a bit of grey. Everyone at PAWS says this kitty is just beautiful! Dmitri came to PAWS with her siblings Darcy and Delaney, and is working on settling in.

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Darcy is a short-haired tabby with great colors in her coat. She is black and grey with a really cute orange spot on top of her head! Darcy came to PAWS with siblings Dmitri and Delaney and is working on getting settled in.

FemaleDOB: 7/6/2020. Lucinda is a very nice 1-year-old girl. She enjoys the people around her and is fine with other cats. 'Lucy' loves to be petted and never turns down a chance for a cuddle on a comfortable lap! She has the sweetest voice and likes a nice chat. Lucy also enjoys her quiet time and is very easy going. She will make a lovely companion.

FemaleDOB: 7/6/2018. Nala is a happy 3-year-old girl! She loves nothing more than following her humans around and interacting with them. Nala enjoys a good petting - she has one of the nicest coats ever! This friendly girl will be a great addition to any home.

MaleDOB: 4/15/2021. Ilvar is a sweet, playful kitten. He is a bit quieter than his siblings, Iris and Irwin and he loves all of his toys. He has just as much fun watching all the kitten antics! This kitten is really affectionate and loves a good petting session.

FemaleDOB: 6/20/2016. Kirby is a shy girl who really enjoys her people companions. She thinks there is nothing better than a nice lap, pets and conversation! Kirby is also quite content to be on her own having a good nap or just watching out the window. This friendly girl will make a wonderful housemate.

MaleDOB: 4/15/2021. Hanson is a sweet orange and white kitten. He loves nothing more than a good play session followed by a well deserved nap. Being a kitten is hard work! He gets along well with his fellow kittens and would be happy to have a fur-ever home!!

FemaleDOB: 4/25/2021. Galina is a rambunctious ginger & white long-haired kitten. She appreciates a good nap after a serious play session with her roommates. If you're looking for an outgoing kitten, Galina is the girl for you!

MaleDOB: 1/6/2020. Goose is a very nice boy who loves to chat with all of us here at PAWS. Who doesn't love an outgoing black cat? He is very personable and loves to be petted. Goose loves a lap to snooze on best of all! A laid-back fellow, he will be a great pet!

FemaleDOB: 3/5/2021. Denim is a pretty kitten with one of the most unique coats! This nice girl loves to be petted and is very playful. Stay tuned for a new portrait of this kitten! She has really enjoyed her time with her foster mom and cannot wait to be adopted!!

MaleDOB: 4/16/2021. Ferris is a sweet, outgoing Tuxedo kitten. He is always up for adventure and happy to join in on all the play with his roommates. He is a social fellow! Ferris makes us laugh with all of his acrobatics!

FemaleDOB: 5/1/2013. Nichole is a blue-eyed Ragdoll/Siamese X girl with a lovely long coat. This 8-year-old friendly girl needs to be an indoor cat; however, she really enjoys the view from her foster mom's balcony! She can be a bit skittish if startled, but she loves her brush, playing with her string and, of course, getting lots of cuddles in. She's in foster care but would enjoy meeting with someone who could give her a fur-ever home! Give PAWS a call for more information about this nice cat.

FemaleDOB: 5/28/2019. Ebony is a shy but friendly gal who would like nothing better than to be in a quiet household. She takes a bit to warm up but once she does, she is very warm and she really loves petting! This nice girl enjoys her human friends and will make someone a wonderful companion.

FemaleDOB: 11/1/2014. This female Tortie is a girl who knows what she wants - pets and treats. She is a quiet, laid-back girl who is shy at first but enjoys your company once she gets to know you. This nice girl is just fine spending time on her own as well. Spitzer will do well in a quiet, adult home.

MaleDOB: 4/29/2018. Archery is quiet tabby boy. He's a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly. He's our quirky boy who loves to greet you for pets. He's quite the character! He gives great head bumps and has a talent for air-kneading! This nice fellow gets along with other cats as well. Won't you give this boy his fur-ever home?

FemaleDOB: 4/21/2021. Kimi is a kitten so full of cuteness! This nice girl likes to play and spend time with her kitten friends. As soon as she takes a break from playing she will get a new portrait to show off to everyone! She has enjoyed her time with her foster mom and is waiting for a great family to take her home!

FemaleDOB: 6/16/2020. Em is a curious personable girl who has just raised her family. She loves all toys but is partial to a nice feather teaser! This friendly girl is energetic and would do fine in a busy home...just be ready for her petting sessions! She is happy to start the next stage of her life. Em has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Em just might be the girl for you!

MaleDOB: 1/1/2018. Danny is a great short hair male ginger & white tabby. He's a bit shy but warms up quickly. Danny really loves to be talked to & petted. This nice boy especially likes being brushed! He really enjoys his people & gets along well with other cats. He would do very well in a quieter home. Danny will need time to adjust to his new home. Come & meet this fellow...he is worth your time!!

MaleDOB: 10/9/2010. Marlowe is a stunning long-haired orange and cream tabby. This social fellow has no problem letting you know that it is time for a petting! He is quite content to be in the middle of anything going on. Marlowe especially loves playing with anything that dangles and is very athletic. Won't you be the one to give him his fur-ever home?