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FemaleDOB: 3/10/2022. Isha is a beautiful long haired brown tabby kitten. She has already stolen everyone's hearts! She is such a happy girl; she loves to be held and petted, and she is very playful. We all laugh at her antics with her toys. Isha will make a wonderful addition to a lucky home! Give PAWS a call to meet this sweet girl.

MaleDOB: 6/29/2022. Rider is a handsome fellow with an amazing coat! He is sweet, gentle, and is very content to be on a lap accepting lots of pets! He is quite happy helping out his PAWS people and just spending time with everyone. This awesome kitty will be a great addition to any home...give PAWS a call to meet this nice boy!

Unknown Pickle is a lovely affectionate girl! She loves to chat with all of her PAWS people - she has the sweetest meow! She arrived with a very matted coat and has had a spa treatment...she is beautiful once again! This nice girl loves her head scratches, a good play session, and enjoys her treats. Pickle will make a great addition to any household. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this sweet kitty!

MaleDOB: 4/19/2012. Moufassa is a sweet, quiet kitty. He loves his PAWS people and really enjoys all the gentle petting being lavished upon on him! He is quite happy watching the world around him from his comfy blanket. A quiet home with no children would be best for this great cat. Moufassa is available for a Senior-for-Senior home too! Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this sweet boy.

MaleDOB: 4/8/2020. Popcorn is a very handsome, happy kitty. He is very social - he likes to be part of our day helping with everything going on. This nice kitty enjoys long petting sessions, playing, and treats, of course! Popcorn will be a great addition to any home. Give PAWS a call to meet this social fellow!

MaleDOB: 3/3/2020. Bogart is a really sweet Tuxedo fellow. He is happily hanging out being social with his kitty pals and his PAWS people! Bogart is interactive and curious and loves nothing more than receiving pets and being part of our day. Bogart is missing part of his left rear leg but that does nothing to slow him down. This awesome kitty will make a great addition to any home. Call PAWS to arrange to meet him!

FemaleDOB: 2/25/2020. Belle is a Special Needs kitty - she has cerebellar hypoplasia ("Wobbly Cat"). She is also missing part of her back leg, BUT she doesn't let that slow her down. Belle loves cuddling with her people and plays like any other cat. This sweet girl has been around other cats and is being introduced to a dog at her foster home. Belle will need a bit of extra care! If you think that Belle could be the cat for you, we would be happy to discuss her needs with you. I have Special Requirements.

Female Akira is such a fun girl! She is interactive, smart, curious, and always happy to spend time with her PAWS volunteers. This nice girl loves a good petting followed by a great bird watching session out her window. Akira will be a great addition to any home. Is this happy kitty the one for you? Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet her.

MaleDOB: 9/28/2016. Tobias is a handsome, friendly fellow. He enjoys being brushed, receiving pets, and having play time with his PAWS people. This nice relaxed boy is fine with other cats as well. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet Tobias!

FemaleDOB: 9/4/2017. Elise is a very shy quiet kitty. She had been on her own for quite a while before coming to live at PAWS. She is ok with gentle petting, a soft brush, and enjoys her treats. She is cautious but slowly getting used to all of us and will sometimes purr some if she is comfortable! She is happy to make eye contact and is attentive to all of us speaking to her. Elise will take some time to get used to a new home and family. A quiet home will be best for this nice girl!

FemaleDOB: 5/7/2020. Camber is such a sweetie! Good things don't just come in small packages - this large kitty is just full of personality. Camber is quite happy to be around her PAWS people getting belly rubs and looking out all of her windows. She has the quirkiest meow and loves to chat. This great cat will make an awesome pet for any family. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet her!

MaleDOB: 9/21/2019. Kobus is a really nice, shy fellow. He is happy to spend time with his people at PAWS receiving well deserved treats and lots of pets...especially tummy rubs! We all think he is pretty special! Kobus would do very well in a quiet adult home. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this nice cat!