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FemaleDOB: 8/16/2021. Sterling is a striking dark tabby with a lovely white bib and boots. This nice kitten has been working hard to settle in with the rest of her litter. Sterling enjoys playing and loves her food. All of us at PAWS enjoy working to socialize this kitten! Give PAWS a call today to arrange to meet this great kitten.

MaleDOB: 8/16/2021. Sim is a sweet orange tabby with great markings. This nice kitten enjoys a good play session with his siblings and loves food! Sim is working hard at getting socialized...and all of us at PAWS enjoy working with this nice kitten. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this sweet kitten.

MaleDOB: 8/16/2021. Shay is a handsome dark tabby kitten with a great white bib and boots. This great kitten loves to play and hang out with his siblings. All of us at PAWS are enjoying working to socialize this nice fellow. Call PAWS to arrange to meet this sweet kitten!

FemaleDOB: 8/1/2021. Allie is a super sweet kitten! She is very social and curious. This great kitten has a lovely coat and really enjoys being petting and playing with her people. Allie will be a great addition to any family. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this nice girl!

MaleDOB: 8/16/2021. Shiro is a very nice Ginger boy! He loves his PAWS people, getting pets, and being carried around to check out his world. This sweet kitten will be a great fit for any family! Call PAWS to arrange to meet this handsome boy.

FemaleDOB: 7/22/2021. Talia is a friendly and social little tabby kitten. She loves to play and spend her time with her kitten friends. This nice girl is curious and likes to watch everything around her...followed by a nap in a comfy spot! She really enjoys her PAWS people and loves her petting sessions. Talia will make a great pet for a lucky home.

FemaleDOB: 9/23/2017. Squirrley is a pretty ginger and white tabby. She loves chatting with her PAWS people and is always up for a nice petting session. Squirrley enjoys spending her day checking out the world from all of her windows! Give PAWS a call to meet this nice kitty.

MaleDOB: 8/16/2021. Siracha is a friendly social little fellow. Nothing stops this nice kitten from purring! He loves being held and getting pets from his people at PAWS. A handsome Ginger fellow, Siracha will make a great addition to any family. Call PAWS to arrange to meet this social kitten!

MaleDOB: 5/20/2021. Rylie is a happy playful boy who loves playing with his room mates and he really likes his people at PAWS. This outgoing kitten is having a great time with all the toys and really enjoys being petted. Rylie would be a great addition to your family!

Male Royal is a stunning black kitten! He loves to play and really loves a good snuggle with his room mates. This great kitten is curious and personable; he loves all of the people he meets! Royal will make a great pet for any home.

MaleDOB: 9/21/2019. Kobus is a really nice, shy fellow. This great cat is happy to have learned that he gets great food, treats plus wonderful head scratches now! Kobus enjoys his people at PAWS and is becoming more outgoing. Give PAWS a call to come down to meet this nice cat!

MaleDOB: 3/17/2021. Ola is a very nice kitten! He is really affectionate, loves the ball circle toy and is really happy to play with his new room mates. This little fellow loves his PAWS people and loves to play. Ola will be a great companion!

FemaleDOB: 8/11/2020. Martha is beautiful orange Tortie tabby X. This social girl loves her toys and is happy to entertain herself. This great cat is calm, loves pets, and loves her humans! Martha will be a great companion kitty for any family.

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Delany is pretty tabby kitten with very cute white boots. She is a bit shy and really loves all of her kitten room mates. Delaney is a sweet girl who loves her people, being petted and will happily purr up a storm. This nice kitten will be a great fit for any home.

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Dmitri is a very pretty muted tabby kitten. This kitten has a dark coat with a bit of grey. All of us at PAWS think this nice girl is growing into beautiful kitty! This kitten is quite shy but once she gets to know you, she thinks being petted is pretty awesome...she purrs her appreciation!!

FemaleDOB: 7/3/2021. Darcy is a short-haired tabby with great colors in her coat. She is black and grey with a really cute orange spot on top of her head! This shy girl enjoys her petting sessions and really loves playing with her room mates. Darcy will be a great kitty for any family!

FemaleDOB: 5/28/2019. Ebony is a shy but friendly gal who would like nothing better than to be in a quiet household. She takes a bit to warm up but once she does, she is very warm and she really loves petting! This nice girl enjoys her human friends and will make someone a wonderful companion.

MaleDOB: 4/29/2018. Archery is quiet tabby boy. He's a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly. He's our quirky boy who loves to greet you for pets. He's quite the character! He gives great head bumps and has a talent for air-kneading! This nice fellow gets along with other cats as well. Won't you give this boy his fur-ever home?

MaleDOB: 1/1/2018. Danny is a great short hair male ginger & white tabby. He's a bit shy but warms up quickly. Danny really loves to be talked to & petted. This nice boy especially likes being brushed! He really enjoys his people & gets along well with other cats. He would do very well in a quieter home. Danny will need time to adjust to his new home. Come & meet this fellow...he is worth your time!!