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Male Saturn is a 5 years old, neutered, Ragdoll cat. He is white with charcoal. He is used to a quiet household. He is okay with dogs, but not with cats. He is friendly towards kids and visitors. He is an affectionate, active, cuddly, smart and independent cat. He does not like to be touched on his stomach, he likes to be brushed and does not mind his nails trimmed. He has been an indoor cat only.

FemaleDOB: 11/22/2022. Yara is a very sweet, friendly girl! She has a lovely soft gray and white coat. This pretty cat loves her time spent with her PAWS people. She thinks all the petting and chats are wonderful!! Yara is curious, alert, and happy to meet new people. Yara will be a great addition to any family.

MaleDOB: 11/20/2021. Meet our Zook! This sweet boy is such a love-bug! Zook just loves everyone in his world. Plus, he is a master-kneader! Everyone at PAWS loves spending time with this great cat. He will be an awesome companion for any family!! Call PAWS to arrange to meet this handsome fellow.

FemaleDOB: 7/7/2010. Our Destiney is a shy, but lovely black cat with just a bit of a white tuft on her chest. She's about 13 years old. She loves a gentle brush, a good petting, and a chat. This quiet girl is happy to have her PAWS people for company! We know that Destiney will be a great companion for the right person!!

MaleDOB: 6/12/2023. Reese is a handsome Tuxedo kitten. He is friendly, social, active and playful. This nice kitten loves playing with his siblings and is happy to meet all of his PAWS volunteers...the more people to play with the better!! Reese will be a fun addition to any family!

MaleDOB: 7/11/2023. Our Pong is a happy, sweet kitten. This nice boy is curious, friendly, and playful. Pong loves his roommates and thinks play and snuggle time is the best part of his day! He really enjoys his social time with his PAWS volunteers too...lots of pettings and playing is so much fun!

FemaleDOB: 8/1/2023. Pinot is a sweet tabby girl. This pretty kitten is a bit shy but loves to play and snuggle with her siblings and her PAWS volunteers! Pinot enjoys checking out her world and finding fun things to play with. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this nice kitten!!

MaleDOB: 8/1/2023. Pepsie is a very handsome kitten! This nice boy loves to play and discover new things. There is always something new to discover!! He enjoys his social time with his PAWS people too! Nothing beats a good cuddle and play session. Pepsie does what kittens do best...eat, sleep, play, and repeat. He will be a great addition to any home!!

FemaleDOB: 8/1/2023. Pretzel is a seriously sweet kitten! She is very pretty and has a lovely coat. This nice kitten loves her siblings and a good snuggle session. While she is quite shy and cautious about new things, she is curious and active. Pretzel is getting tons of time socializing and snuggling with her PAWS volunteers. We think she will be a great addition to the right home!

FemaleDOB: 9/20/2020. Nessi is a beautiful Calico girl! This large kitty is friendly & social. Nessi is content hanging out in her cubby waiting for her PAWS people to come by for a good chat and petting session. We really enjoy our time spent with this chatty girl. Call PAWS to arrange to meet this nice girl!!

MaleDOB: 6/24/2023. Our Keefer is a handsome, happy ginger kitten! He is playful, social, and curious. This nice fellow loves playing with his roommates and receiving snuggles from his PAWS people. He is a sweet boy with a kind personality! Keefer will be an awesome addition to any home! Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this nice fellow!

FemaleDOB: 8/1/2022. Elssa is a sweet, social girl. She has a lovely soft coat with great markings. This nice girl loves her people and loves a good play session. Elssa is smart, outgoing, and curious. She will be a lovely family companion!

MaleDOB: 7/1/2022. Our Venice is a handsome Tuxedo fellow. He is quite happy to spend his days hanging out with his people and being part of their day! Venice is a bit shy, but playful, smart, and affectionate. We think he is lovely! This nice fellow is fine around well-mannered pups too. Venice will be a great addition to any home!!

FemaleDOB: 4/18/2019. Evee is a pretty Calico girl. We think she has a wonderful coat and great markings! This sweet girl is affectionate, playful, and calm. Evee is fine with well-mannered dogs! Give PAWS a call to meet this nice girl...she will be a great addition to any home.

FemaleDOB: 4/6/2015. Lilli is a lovely Tuxedo girl. She is attentive, smart, and curious. This pretty girl is friendly and enjoys hanging out with her PAWS volunteers. Lilli loves a big window to watch the world from. She enjoys gentle pettings and a good chat. This nice cat would love to find her furever home...we just know that her perfect family is out there! Call PAWS to arrange to meet this pretty girl!

FemaleDOB: 4/1/2020. Zia is such a pretty cat! She is curious and attentive, calm and relaxed. This nice girl warms up to her people once she knows them. Zia will require regular brushing to keep her beautiful coat looking its best. Our PAWS volunteers think she is lovely! While she is ok with other like minded cats, Zia would appreciate being the only cat in her new home...who doesn't want to be the queen of her own castle!! Give PAWS a call to meet this nice girl.

FemaleDOB: 10/20/2015. Emery is a shy quiet girl. She is happy to have other cats to spend her day with here at PAWS. We all look forward to working with Emery - she is very sweet and has just the best purr! Emery likes a good conversation and enjoys gentle petting and chats with her PAWS people...a quiet home would be ideal for this shy girl. Give PAWS a call to arrange to meet this sweet kitty!

FemaleDOB: 4/27/2015. April is a pretty orange and white girl. She is a chatty kitty who loves being with people. This nice girl does not like other cats much...she is very happy to be the queen of her very own castle. A less busy home with just her very own people would be a perfect spot for this nice cat! Give PAWS a call to meet April.