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Pet Safety, Care, and Education Programs

PAWS offers Pet Safety, Care, and Education programs to elementary school children. They learn about:
  • safety around pets
  • pets' basic needs
  • grooming
  • vet care
  • training
  • different kinds of pets

We talk about kindness to animals and how to walk dogs properly. The class spends the next 45 minutes to an hour walking the dogs, learning about companionship, and giving lots of hugs!  

Our programs have been well received at Canyon/Lister School, Wynndel Elementary School, and Adam Robertson Elementary School (ARES).  

Our program is also popular with youth groups and local day cares. PAWS would be very happy to present our programs to local schools, clubs, and day cares.  

Call us at 250-428-7297 to book a class presentation

Pet Education

Therapy Dogs were on hand to help make a Pet Safety presentation to this ARES class. The kids learned how to approach dogs and cats properly, when not to approach them, and what to do if they’re approached by a dog they don’t know. The class was enjoyed by all and even the teachers said they learned a lot about pet behaviours!